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"This system is dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the world
and to the enrichment it can bring to all people."

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Each quarter, Links2Go samples millions of web pages to determine which pages are most heavily cited by web pages authors, such as yourself. The most popular pages are downloaded and automatically categorized by topic. At most 50 of the pages related to a topic are selected as "Key Resources." Out of 50 pages selected as Key Resources for the Natives topic, your page ranked 36th. For topics like Music, where there are a large number of interested authors and related pages, it is harder to achieve selection as a Key Resource than for a special-interest topic, such as Quantum Physics.

The Links2Go Key Resource award differs from other awards in two important ways. First, it is objective. Most awards rely on hand selection by one or more "experts," many of whom have only looked at tens or hundreds of thousands of pages in bestowing their awards. Selection for these awards means no more than that one person, somewhere, noticed your page and liked it enough to select it. The Key Resource award, on the other hand, is based on an analysis of millions of web pages. Any group or organization who conducts a similar analysis will arrive at similar conclusions. When Links2Go says your page is a Key Resource, we mean that your page is one of the most relevant pages related to a particular topic on the web today, using an objective statistical measure applied to an extremely large data set.

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Dear Glenn Welker,

Congratulations on being a featured site
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We do the searching for our readers, and those new
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As the Managing Editor at Travel Notes,
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Discovery of America?

Best wishes to you and your site.
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All the best,

Michel Guntern
Managing Editor
Travel Notes®

Hi there!

In recognition of your outstanding work in presenting the Indigenous Peoples' Literature Website, and your awesome contribution to the World Wide Web in the categories of history, culture, native and ancient studies, literature, music and art, Eliki is pleased to honor you with the Eliki Award.

Hotep (peace),


Your site has been chosen by Lordz of the Perfect Black
as one of Chocolate City's Best Site Award winners!

Your internet site appears on our Chocolate City home page.

Swiss Chronicles (in French)


I write chronicles for a Swiss magazine about the Internet called
"Slash". I am currently writing a chronicle about your site and I'm
asking you if I may make a screen capture of your site, to be
published in "Slash".

Olivier Glassey


"Ce site a été conçu pour regrouper toutes
les informations concernant les indigènes du contient nord-américain
(Apaches, Cheyennes, Comanches, Iroquois, Wichitas, etc.). Il a connu un
tel succès que des sections ont été ajoutées
pour d'autres peuples indigènes des 5 continents (descendants des
Mayas et des Incas en Amérique Latine, Maoris en Nouvelle-Zélande,
Aborigènes en Australie, etc.). Ce serveur contient une quantité
extraordinaire d'informations sur les langues indigènes, les traditions,
les mythes et les grands chefs (Geronimo, Cochise, Sitting Bull, Crazy
Horse, etc.). Malheureusement l'organisation du site laisse quelque peu
à désirer et il est parfois difficile de s'y retrouver."

German Review

Native Literatur und bekannter Schriftseller

"Die von Glenn Welker zusammengestellte elektronische Textsammlung
ist eine hervorragende, umfassende Zusammenstellung von ueber 800 vollstaendigen
Texten zu den folgenden Themen: Kolumbus-1492, beruehmte Dokumente und Zitate,
grosse Haeuptlinge und Anfuehrer, Texte zu den verschiedenen Nationen,
"Mother Earth Prayers", Musik, Dichtung, Erzaehlungen sowie Texte
nuer Native Literatur und bekannter Schriftsteller."

Shendene (Ulysse) - Italy

Dear Sir:

Shendene is an Italian publishing company which operates in
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Le popolazioni "native messicane"

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This July's issue is on the theme of "MEXICO". We would be delighted
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Gianni Manfredini


Ulysse - Messico 

Witness to the Future

Dear Friend,

I am writing to tell you that your Web site has been linked to the
environmental activist CD-ROM Witness to the Future.

Witness to the Future, to be released in early March by the leading
multimedia publisher The Voyager Company, includes a documentary on the
transformation of citizens into environmental activists, in addition to the
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We did an in-depth search to find Web sites like yours that
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We hope you will find that our project complements your own efforts.

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Witness to the Future

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"I think the hardest thing, I think for our people to really face is what
this is doing to Mother Earth. What it is doing to the land, because she's a
living person."

Pauline Echo-Hawk


Tribe Parker, WA

"You can imagine before the landing of Columbus, there was Nirvana
here. There was a time when all air was clean, all waters were clean.
The future will see that the integral damage to the environment which
has been done here to our forests, to our range, is going to be an
everlasting damage upon all of society, all of the world. . ."

"What affects you affects me."

Russell Jim

Yakama Indian Nation

Toppenish, WA

By connecting ourselves globally across the Internet we can unite to
encourage dialog and to inform citizens of the many issues that face us
all. Join us in a chorus of voices calling for environmental change!


Brenda Miller

Author, Witness to the Future

Professor of Electronic Arts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York

Alternative Healing Methods

Hi, my name is Phyl Desy, and I am the Guide for the

"Alternative Healing Methods" site on the Mining Company.

The Mining Company is a brand new resource on the web dedicated
to making the best and most informative web sites easily accessible to
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offers her/his Net Finds of the week, The Best of the Web, and an evergrowing
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I am pleased to inform you that I have linked your web site to my
Healing site! I feel your site deserves recognition for your excellent work.

Please drop in and visit from time to time!

Good Health,


Healing Guide

The Spiritual Internet

Dear Mr. Welker:

We are planning to include a 'screen-shot' of the WWW site:

Indigenous People's Literature

to be included in our upcoming publication: "The Spiritual Internet".

The 'screen-shot' will include all of the text and graphics of the
entire page of the website listed above, or a portion thereof.

Thank you for your fine efforts.

Sincerely yours,

Nickolas Grabovac

Jain Publishing Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 3523
Fremont, CA 94539
Tel: 510-659-8272
Fax: 510-659-0501

Publication Date for The Spiritual Internet: August 1998

Bluecat Award


Bluecat has selected your site for the Bluecat Award

as one of the finest sites on the Web.

To learn more about Bluecat, visit us at:

The Bluecat Site.

Contact: Jerry

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