Native American Moccasins

There is much information available about traditional Native American moccasins and the influences into modern design.

There is much information available about traditional Native American moccasins. The Native Americans have a very unique and distinct style that has been adopted by other cultures. Each cultural group has their own way of dress. Although Native American clothing may seem primitive to many, there are a large number of Indians and Indian-Americans who regularly adorn themselves with Native American garments. In addition, several modern American clothing styles have been influenced by the Native American Indians.

Native American moccasins are available in many sizes and styles. Moccasins are very sturdy shoes. Because the Indians migrated quite frequently, they required shoes with strong soles that were able to withstand the outdoor elements. The majority of moccasins are made from leather because of its thickness. When crafting moccasins, Indians put a lot of effort into the design. Native Americans are well known for their decorative garments. Hence, Native American moccasins are equally decorated. Moccasin designs may include beadwork, jewels, color, stitching, etc. Different tribal groups have their own style. With this said, each tribal group also has their preferred style of Native American moccasins. These include moccasins of various colors. Typical colors consist of black, brown, white, tan, etc.

Native American moccasins are worn by a large number of non-Indians. In fact, moccasins are starting to make a comeback. These shoes are worn by people of all ages. In addition to buying moccasins for retailers of Native American clothing, there is also the option of designing and crafting your own moccasins. Many resources are available to offer insightful information on Indian moccasins. If serious about designing moccasins, you can purchase a moccasin making kit. Kits include all necessary materials, plus instructions. Although there are traditional Native American moccasins for ceremonies, weddings, and powwows, modern moccasins worn by non-Indians are primarily reserved for casual wear.

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