Native American Flute

The flute played an integral role in the development of Native American culture.

The flute played an integral role in the development of Native American culture. It was used for various purposes including healing, meditation, and even courtship. The Native American flute is still used as an instrument in many new age music recordings today.

The flute is made out of two air chambers. One is located at the top, and then the bottom air chamber where the finger holes are found. Originally, the length of the flute would be determined by various locations of the body, for instance the length from someone’s wrist to elbow would determine the length of their flute. The amount of space between the holes was usually about the width of a human thumb. Many different materials were used to construct the Native American flute, and most were various woods such as redwood, cherry, or walnut, depending on the sound the player wanted it to produce. Sometimes the flute would be constructed of bamboo.

Typically, the Native American flute was played on what is called the minor pentatonic scale, which is equal to essentially the same notes that are used on a piano. Most of the flutes have about 5 or 6 holes, but some can have as many as 7 to 9. These flutes are still hugely popular today. While some are now made of plastic, a good number of traditional flute makers still like to create them from wood, and sell them to fans. Often, they’re sold as real collectors items. There are also instructional CDs and DVDs that can teach you how to play the Native American flute. The music is soothing, beautiful, and expressive. The flute is a wonderful tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and this lovely form of art and music will continue to be appreciated and loved for many more generations to come.

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