Native American Medicine Wheel

The Native American medicine wheel is divided into four sections.

The Native American medicine wheel was used for healing almost any illness. The Native Americans believe that the basis for most illnesses is spiritual, and focused on treating the source of the problem rather than symptoms. The medicine wheel focuses on balance and how everything is connected. The Native American Medicine wheel consists of four sections with four colors representing certain properties. The colors are Blue, Red, Green and White representing the North South East and West, and each section has a different aspect connected with it a certain animals.

South, which corresponds to passion is demonstrated in the element of fire and is characterized by the Eagle which is a proud and fierce animal. The North is represented by wisdom and the color green. In the Native American medicine wheel, bears and moose are considered to have this quality because they have the wisdom to store up fat and hibernate to survive the cold winter. West is represented by the color blue and emotions and is characterized by the beaver, which works with zeal and enthusiasm to build a dam. The north is represented by white and the birds.

The Native American Indian wheel is used to create a balance, since it is believed that imbalance is the cause of disease. When a person is dominated excessively by a certain force, energy or attitude, they can fall ill and the Native American wheel can be used to deal with the root of any physical problem which is imbalance

It is possible to obtain a Native American medicine wheel at a market, or you can make one yourself if you learn how to construct one properly. A Native American medicine wheel can be made of simple materials which can be found in almost any home. You can also purchase a Native American medicine wheel online or in an open air market. They are wonderful artifacts as well as useful tools for healing.

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