Native American Poetry

Native American poetry embraces a lot of feelings, emotions, and warmth.

Native American poetry embraces a lot of feelings, emotions, and warmth. Poetry is a wonderful way for people to express themselves. There are several different types of poetry. Some are lighthearted in nature, whereas others convey deep thoughts that require interpretation in order for the meaning to be fully grasped. Native American poetry is similar to works by other cultural groups.

For the most part, Native American poetry consists of different components. Well-known Indian poets have trained themselves in the art of articulating quality poetry. There are many famous Native American poets. Each has their own unique style and incorporates a lot of their customs and tradition into their words.

Traditionally, Native American poetry provides a means for the poet to express or ponder about Native American life. As the first nation of this country, Native Americans have had to fight to maintain their way of life. Today, there are many different tribal groups. However, a large number of Indians have selected to live outside the Indian reservations. Once immersed into American life, it is easy for natives to lose sight of their customs and traditions. Hence, Native American poets try to hold onto their morals and principles.

In addition to reflecting on their way of life, Native American poetry also express how the Indians felt and dealt with their land. Because of warfare, many tribal groups frequently migrated to different regions. Hence, they developed an appreciation for their land. Furthermore, Native American poetry makes a point of praising various facets of life. If attempting to write a poem that mimics the tone of Native American poetry, poets should remember to use the first person and mull over their deep personal thoughts about life, family, nature, etc. If possible, try and incorporate a life lesson into the poems general theme.

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