Pueblo Indians

The Pueblo Indians received their name from the Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.

The Pueblo Indians received their name from the Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. “Pueblo” is the Spanish name for “town”. When Coronado discovered the Native Americans in the mid 1500’s in the area that is now New Mexico and Arizona, he named them “Pueblo Indians” because they were a settled tribe, and not nomadic like some of the other local tribes.

A peaceful and creative tribe, Pueblo Indians are world-renowned for their beautiful art. Intricate in design, with bold striking colors, the art of the Pueblo Indians is so unique that it is coveted by collectors and art lovers. The paintings of the Pueblo Indians were originally painted on the walls of ceremonial rooms, where they were a part of the Pueblo Indians’ religious ceremonies. The Pueblo Indians also painted on pottery, and the paint used to be applied with a leaf from the Yucca tree.

Today, the painted pottery and canvases of the Pueblo Indians are highly regarded in the art world, and an antique piece of pottery painted by Pueblo Indians can bring a very high price in the art world.

In addition to their rich tradition as artists, the Pueblo Indians had many other traditions in their culture that mostly centered on their religious beliefs. Though many missionaries and settlers tried in vain to convert the Pueblo Indians to Christianity, most of them remained steadfast in their own unique religious beliefs, and many of the Pueblo Indians today practice the same religion that they practiced hundreds of years ago.

The Pueblo Indians are still a proud and highly talented tribe, and ceremonies celebrating their culture and history are performed on a regular basis. These ceremonies are important to the elder Pueblo Indians, as they see it as a way to instill pride and a sense of history in younger members of their tribe.

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