Native American Demographics

Native American demographics show various trends among native Americans.

Demographics have important impacts on how a country works and at times even the economy is effected as well. It is interested to look at the Native American demographics and how they differ from the rest of Americans as a whole. Amazingly less than one percent of the total population n America is made up of native Americans. This is a staggering percentage to see in the native American demographics considering that when the Americas were first discovered there were an estimated 10 million Indians already inhabiting the continent. This small percentage makes the native Americans the smallest minority in the United States based on race. The population is growing though and demographics show it growing at a rate of almost 18% in the last 10 years.

Native American Demographics have also found that the health of the average Native American is generally better than that of most Americans. Cancers do not seem to affect this minority very often and AIDS is a rare occurrence as well. Heart disease is relatively rare among the native Americans so few of them die from heart problems. On the down side native Americans tend to die in car accidents in greater numbers than most Americans do. The native America demographics also show that usually native Americans live longer than most Americans do.

Another trend that is shown by the Native American demographics is that most of the native Americans live in the western states. State like Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Washington seem to hold the greatest amounts of native Americans. While native Americans do seem to have lower incomes and a higher rate of poverty and unemployment it does seem that government aid has been helping them overcome these obstacles in the past few years. All in all the native American demographics show that native Americas are still a people who need some help.

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