Buffalo Steak

Buffalo steak can be cooked like regular beef and comes as ground buffalo steak, sirloin, new york strip and more.

Buffalo Steak

The Buffalo was a staple of the Native Americans many years ago, and it was useful not only for buffalo steak, but for blankets, weapons and anything that could be fashioned out of parts of the buffalo. Native Americans had great reverence for the buffalo, which provided all of their needs, and buffalo steak was not eaten casually, but with great appreciation. Since methods of storage were limited, buffalo steak was often cured and made into buffalo jerky. The Native Americans, unlike the Europeans, cured buffalo steak in the sun rather than curing meat with salt.

The buffalo became nearly extinct in less than century. When President Grover Cleveland finally made it illegal to hunt buffalo in 1894, there were only 300 buffalo left in the United States. It would be nearly a century later that the supply of buffalo would be replenished, thanks, in part, to the discovery that buffalo steak is relatively low in fat and calories as well as tasty. Buffalo is raised today for meat as well as conservation. Buffalo are allowed to graze on their own land and are more environmentally friendly than cattle.

Nowadays, you can find almost any kind of buffalo steak imaginable, including ground buffalo steak, sirloin, New York Strip and even jerky. Buffalo steak is a bit more costly than the kind of meat you will find in the supermarket, but it is healthier, and according to many, tastier, than beef. You can prepare a buffalo steak the same way you may cook a beef steak: Steak Diane, barbecue, shish kabob and pepper steak can be made from buffalo steak. You can experiment with different marinades and spices for your buffalo steak. Once you try buffalo steak, you may never go back to beef. Buffalo steak is so versatile, that you might not need to switch back.

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