Native American Gifts

The large selection of handmade native american gifts you can purchase in gift shops and more.

The Native American people have always believed in creating everything by hand.  Most of the things they have made come from natural sources found on the earth like plants, rocks, wood, clay, fur, stones, and many other beautiful materials.  A wide array of Native American gifts can be found for loved ones, or to treasure just for you.

There are many different wonderful and beautiful Native American gifts that can be purchased to add to your collection or to give to that special someone.  Hand woven blankets are a very popular choice.  The Native American people make beautiful, richly colored warm blankets out of materials such as wool to keep you warm during the winter months.  These blankets are woven and dyed all by hand, making them much more precious.

Jewelry is another hugely popular choice among Native American gifts. Many tribes are excellent silversmiths, and make beautiful rings, necklaces, and bracelets out of material like turquoise, beads, and sterling silver.  Again, each piece is hand crafted, making it a one of a kind item that no one else will ever have.  This can actually add to the value of the piece because of its rarity, uniqueness, and authenticity.  Dream catchers and pottery are both wonderful choices for Native American gifts.  Dream catchers were thought to be able to capture one’s dreams at night.  Usually made of sinew, wood, feathers, and decorative beads, dream catchers have become a very popular gift choice.  They can be displayed in the home, car, or in the bedroom for a reassuring piece of décor.  Native American pottery is also a wonderful gift.  Hand fired and sculpted clay makes these pieces beautiful and memorable.

Some other popular Native American gifts include hand made drums, dolls, sculptures, beadwork, and food.  Hand made Native American drums are made of the finest quality woods like cedar, oak, or maple, and are made for those who love music, and for tribes who are looking to purchase drums for their pow wow.  A good quality drum maker will ensure that they are made rugged and designed for getting a lot of play.  As for beadwork, this may be one of the most intricate forms of Native American gifts.  The artisans create a pattern around a natural gourd, choosing the design based on the gourd’s shape.  Then tiny teeny beads of all colors are meticulously woven around it, creating a beautiful pattern of shiny color, and creating a very precious decorative item.  It takes a lot of patience to create such lovely beadwork. 

Things like home made soaps, soup and spice mixes, painting, and greeting cards are just a few other examples of wonderful Native American gifts.  Many areas of the country have several Native American gift shops in their towns, where local artists create and sell their wares.  Still others may have websites where these gifts can be purchased online for those who might not live near a Native American gift store.  No matter how you purchase them, Native American gifts make a wonderful present and something to treasure for a lifetime.

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