Native American Drums

Find out why music is a huge part of Native American culture.

Music is a huge part of Native American culture. In fact, many who enjoy tours of regions inhabited by Native American’s are usually entertained by a cultural song and dance. Native Americans use a variety of instruments to produce a harmonic melody. One such instrument is the Native American drum.

Native American drums are made from several types of natural materials. Commonly used material consists of wood from trees that are common in New Mexico and Arizona. Producing an original Native American drum is a long process. Because most drums are handmade, it usually takes several months to complete one drum.

Along with carving the drum from pieces of log wood, Native Americans devote much time and effort to carving various images into the wood. Native American drums depict several images. Some may display images of people, whereas other may show animals. Once a Native American drum is completed, the artist may choose to paint the drum or add different color jewels for décor.

Each Native American drum is constructed with love. Because music is very much a part of Indian culture, it is common for Native American drums to become a treasured family heirloom. In this instance, drums remain within the family for generations, and are often played during family gatherings or reunions.

Because Native American drums are popular, those who are not Indian may seek to acquire a drum. Finding an authentic Native American drum is not easy. Sometimes, finding a drum may require visiting an Indian reservation and purchasing this musical instrument from a native.

Another option for buying a Native American drum involves visiting websites devoted to Native American gifts. Along with finding a wide selection of drums, you may be able to locate Native American jewelry, pottery, crafts, and other different types of unique items.

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