Native American Figutines

Background information on Native American figurines in Native American Life.

Jewelry is not only a beautiful accent to a woman or mans attire; it is also a wonderful form of self expressions. The concept of hand made jewelry has been around for thousands of years.  Native American artisans have made lovely jewelry and earrings for many years, and it is all lovingly hand made and created with intricate detail.  Turquoise is the most popular material used in Native American earrings and necklaces.

This beautiful blue stone can be found in regions of the United States, particularly in California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. The stone is naturally forming and is a lovely blue color.  No two turquoise stones are ever exactly alike, making Native American earrings even more stunning.  Many tribes believe that turquoise can keep evil spirits away, heal the sick, and bring good fortune to those in need.  Perhaps this is why this beautiful rock has been incorporated into so many forms of Native American jewelry and art.  It has been used by other cultures such as the Aztecs and Mayans as well.

Another very important medium in Native American earrings and jewelry is silver. The Navajo tribe was especially known for using silver.  Silver is a beautiful medium that is also very easy to work with.  Many generations of Navajo were known as excellent silversmiths, as are many still today.  The combination of silver and turquoise in a pair of Native American earrings makes for a beautiful accessory.  Other items such as pendants and bracelets are also wonderful additions to any wardrobe.

The concept of Native American earrings and other jewelry items was to serve as more than just a lovely fashion accessory.  Many Native American cultures believed that wearing jewelry was a source of inner strength.  By wearing earrings or other jewelry items, the wearer would possess great healing power, good luck, and the ability to keep bad spirits and other enemies away.  When the American settlers arrived on Native American land, many people were forced out of their camps and homes.  The concept that jewelry would help protect them may explain why so many Native Americans were highly adorned with colorful earrings and necklaces.  Perhaps it was because of the belief that these items would help to keep them safe during times of turmoil. 

Today, you can find beautiful Native American earrings in a number of shops across the nation.  In particular, areas like Arizona and New Mexico have large populations of Native American tribes who make their livelihoods creating beautiful jewelry and other art.  The traditions of creating jewelry by hand have made all Native American earrings and other pieces special.  Each piece is one of a kind and created with love.  Whether you are a collector, a fellow Native American, or just an admirer of this beautiful jewelry, it’s a great addition to anyone’s collection of earrings.  The lovely blue turquoise looks stunning against the shine of sterling silver.  Designs such as bears, eagles, and feathers make beautiful accent pieces, or going with a traditional simple beadwork pair of Native American earrings is also a great choice.

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