Native American Genetics

All about a new service that allows people to trace Native American genetics.

Many people living in the United States today come from a rich Native American heritage.  The surprising fact is that not many people even realize this, and they live their lives in the dark about their family history and past.  Many famous Americans come from a Native American background, such as Wayne Newton, Tori Amos, and Rita Coolidge.  You too may have some kind of Native American genetics in your bloodline.  But how does one go about finding out exactly what tribe they come from, and how much of their genes come from actual Native American people?

There are actual companies who now offer genetics testing for people who want to know about their heritage.  These companies can provide customers with a wide variety of information, including what percentage of their DNA are actually Native American, and what percentage is European.  The test can even help discover what tribe, if any, your family may have belonged to.  Generally, the test can determine one of three major categories: the person’s maternal (mother) bloodline, paternal (father) bloodline, or the autosomal DNA line, which shows your genetics from both parents. 

This Native American genetics test is simple to perform. First, you place an order with the company of your choice.  Second, a kit is mailed to you with instructions as well as details on how the results will be determined.  It also comes with a cotton swab and return mailing instructions.  You simply swab the inside of your cheek so the laboratory can get a good sample of your DNA.  Then, this is mailed back to the lab for further testing.

It has been reported recently that many people who are of Native American descent may be eligible for money from the United States government.  In addition, they may also be able to then start up their own casinos under the new law.  This has prompted many people to look into finding more about their own Native American genetics, and has also been the source of a great deal of controversy.  At the same time, there are people who are sincerely interested in tracing their family's roots, and who really want to know if they are of true Native American descent. 

Because of both of these facts, testing facilities have become a booming business.  Most of these testing labs are very thorough and do provide accurate results.  The process is completely legal, but many fear that more and more people are just using this method as a way to prove their Native American status for monetary gain.  It has given those who just want to know about personal possible Native American genetics a bad name.  It is still important for people interested in their heritage to know that there are reliable methods that can help them determine their genetic backgrounds.  While the price is considered costly by some, still others believe it is worth every penny to determine what kind of heritage their family comes from, and gain insight into their personal history.

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