Horse Tattoo

Get a horse tattoo to show your love of Native American heritage and culture.

Horse Tattoo

The Native Indians saw animals as an important part of the “Great Circle of Life.” In fact, animals found in visions were considered guides in a spiritual journey.  Today, people are paying homage to their native ancestry with tattoos. What better way to do that than with a majestic horse tattoo?

In war or on the hunt for food, the horse has stood as a symbol of strength for many Native Americans. A horse stood by them through good times and bad and aided them in their journeys – both physical and spiritual. In fact, they thought that their horses had magical powers that would protect them in battle. That is one of the many reasons why a horse tattoo is popular with those people who follow the symbolism of the animal.

Because men are more than likely to get inked, the horse tattoo is a requested design because of the professed strength and dominance the animal portrays.  In fact, many people see the horse as a powerful animal and are enthralled by its regal beauty.  Wild horses galloping across the plains invoke a feeling of dignity, power and freedom. Why not have that feeling portrayed on your body?

A horse tattoo provides an attractive portrait for the body’s canvas.  Whether on the shoulder, leg or back, the inked design can be a reminder to stay in touch with your spirituality and be true to yourself and that of your ancestry. The symbolism of the horse in Native American cultures can also literally mean “journey.” So, if you have a horse tattoo, it could signify that your life is a constant journey in humanity.

Of course, you might choose the horse tattoo just because it looks good.  There doesn’t necessarily have to be any hidden meaning to it. It all boils down to personal preference.  However, body art should be a sign of who you are.  That is why for those people who put a lot of stock in symbolism, the horse tattoo can signify a variety of different meanings.

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