Native American Artifacts

Native American artifacts consist of many products common to Native American culture.

Native American artifacts consist of many products common to Native American culture. Each cultural group is identified by their customs, traditions, and physical artifacts. Likewise, the American Indians also have distinct items which set them apart from other groups of people.

A large number of American Indians remain on Indian reservations through the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, others have chosen to blend into American culture. Although some Native Americans have chosen a life outside the Indian reservation, many remain connected to their ancestral roots. By doing so, some American Indians craft handmade treasures for a living. These may include pottery, Indian clothing, instruments, beadwork, etc.

Modern Native American artifacts are easy to locate. A large number of American Indians have selected to open retail shops and online stores that focus on Native American artifacts. Most artifacts are handcrafted. Because these retail shops are usually owned and operated by Native Americans, most catalog products are genuine Indian artifacts. Classic Native American artifacts are very difficult to locate. From the beginning of time, the American Indians have relied on their hands to put together basic necessities. This included making clothing from animal skin, wash bowls and utensils, and their own tepees.

Today, many people have reproduced items common to Native Americans. For example, moccasins have become a popular shoe, tribal dance music is widely available on compact disc, and different instruments are designed to produce Indian music. The majority of authentic Native American artifacts are showcased in art galleries and museums. Moreover, cultural museums located throughout the country include various artifacts from many different cultural groups.

Many art pieces are reproduced. If looking for Native American artifacts, inquire of their authenticity before purchasing. Other unique types of Indian artifacts include furniture, poetry collections, paintings, jewelry, bow and arrows, and so forth.

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