Bead Supplies

Create your own American Indian Tribal jewelry with traditional bead supplies.

Bead Supplies

When creating Native American beaded crafts the bead supplies that you need vary depending on what type of project you are doing and how you are going about it. In addition to different types of beads there are also different types of thread, needles, and other bead supplies that may be necessary for your project.

The first step is planning. If you are creating your own bead work from an idea that you have in your head you will need to plan it out and look ahead. This way you can avoid leaving any necessary bead supplies off you list by mistake. If you are using a pattern or someone else's project, you should have a list of bead supplies already written out for you.

When buying your bead supplies the most important products are going to be the beads. This will ultimately give you the look that you want. Beads come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. You can use glass, metal, or even bone beads.

The size of the bead is important to note because you will have to find the right size needle for your beads. The larger the number is for the bead or needle the smaller the bead hole or needle will be.

There is a variety of threads to choose from when purchasing your bead supplies. Nylon thread is great thread for a variety of projects. However there are also cotton threads, mercerized thread, and linen thread. Beeswax may also be on your bead supplies list. Treating your thread with beeswax may help preserve your bead work.

In addition to the bead supplies listed above, some bead work may require a bead loom. This is a device that creates a woven type of bead work. Bead looms also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even make a homemade one if you want.

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