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Although the government will readily advertise free money, qualifying for a grant is not easy.

There are many types of grants available, which serve a variety of purposes. Although the government will readily advertise free money, qualifying for a grant is not easy. However, it has been proven that minorities have a better chance of locating and getting approved for a government grant. A paticular useful grant for Native American indians is a Masters of Public Health, Public health officials that are also sensitive to tribal ways are essential to maintaining our culture and our health as well. 

Native American descendants may take advantage of Indian grants. Indian grants consist of free government money than can be used to assist these individuals with starting a business, paying college expenses, etc. There are numerous Indian tribes. Some grants are intended for specific groups. For example, if you are a Blackfoot Indian, you will not qualify for a grant intended for the Cherokee Indians.

One type of Indian grant includes obtaining money for school. Grants are not loans. Unlike loans, you do not have to repay a grant. However, to qualify for free money, all money must be used for a specific purpose. Thus, you cannot obtain a $20,000 education grant, and then use $5000 to payoff debt. The government is very particular about grant funds. If an education Indian grant is used for another purpose, the person receiving the funds is required to payback the money.

Another type of Indian grant includes obtaining free money to start a business venture. Applying for these types of grants is tricky. If a business will be financed with a grant, the government has strict guidelines. For example, the business must be used to better the community. Also, there must be a need. In other words, getting a grant to open a hair salon or nightclub is practically impossible. However, the government may approve a grant to open a daycare center that caters to low income families or children with special needs. If the goal is to finance a new business with government money, select a business venture that is needed in your community.

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