Indian Dresses

American Indian dresses varied by style between different tribes.

Indian Dresses

Indian fashion includes a wide range of designs for women, men, and children. Indian dresses consist of several beautiful designs, which are also worn by women of other national groups. Because there are several Native American tribes living within the United States, there are many different types of Indian dresses. Each tribe has its own unique style of dress, which helps identify individuals of another tribe. Still, regardless of varying taste, Indian dresses have comparable designs.

Since the colonization of the First Nation, their style of dress has slightly changed. The Native Americans added more clothing options, and Indian dresses became available in many different designs. For example, women and young children can choose one-piece or two-piece Indian dresses. Because the Native Americans have several festivals and celebrations throughout the year, there is also a variety of Indian dresses intended for ritual ceremonies and formal wear. Formal dresses include bonus accessories such as a headdress, beadwork, embroidery, etc.

The material used to design Indian dresses vary. The Native Americans living in warmer climates handcrafted dresses using a variety of cloth materials. On the other hand, Indians residing in northern states typically crafted dresses from animal skin. The thicker material was perfect for keeping them warm.

The majority of Native Americans have begun wearing traditional American garments. However, a quite number of Indians have chosen to remain close to their roots. These individuals have the option of making their own garments, or buying authentic Indian garments. With this said, several Native Americans have opened retail stores devoted to Indian clothing. These include a range of traditional and modern designs.

When browsing the selection of Native American clothing, in addition to Indian dresses, there is also a wide assortment of blankets, sweaters, moccasins, beadwork, headdresses, gloves, dancing outfits, etc. In fact, you can also locate various books and resources that concentrate on learning how to make Native American clothing.

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