Native American Ceramics

Native American ceramics have been preserved for many years.

If you study various cultures throughout the course of time, almost every society has had some sort of pottery or ceramics that they developed, especially if they were at all involved in farming. The native Americans developed their own styles of pottery and ceramics, just as many other cultures have done throughout history. Many of the native American tribes used pottery and native American ceramics, even before the Europeans first came to the Americas. While some tribes that mostly lived off of hunting did not make as much of this special pottery, the tribes that farmed the land seemed to have more use for the Native American ceramics.

As the native Americans were moved across the continent by the white men they still managed to take their Native American ceramics with them. Many of the tribes eventually seemed to lose their native pottery as they were pushed further and further away from their original homes. The southwestern Indians seem to be the ones who have best been able to preserve the Native American ceramics as they were.  Some of the beautiful ceramic works included wedding vases that had two spouts and other ceramics that were colorful and had unique designs.

Various tribes had their own styles of making the Native American ceramics. Some of the styles including firing the pottery and different tribes had various patterns and ways of finishing the ceramics. The one thing the tribes had in common is that their ceramics were all made by hand. Still today there are native Americans that are still making the native American ceramics and they still make them by hand. Some of these artists have even become well known, as they have been able to show off the pottery from their Native American culture. While the Indians lost much of their land they have still been able to preserve much of their culture including Native American ceramics.

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