Native American Coins

Native American coins give tribute to Indians and are available for purchase.

Over the years since white settlers first came to the Americans the native Americans have been suffering a variety of injustices. Even after the United States became a free nation there were many injustices that were meted out to the Indians. As time went by the government finally came to the realization that much wrong had been done to these people. In recent years the government has made a few different native American coins to help give tribute to the Indian people showing regret for past injustices they have suffered.

One of the Native American coins to be made was actually the buffalo nickel. This coin was made to remember the Indians and was released in 1913. Another of the Native American coins that has been released was the Shawnee Nation $5 gold proof. This was the first tribal gold coin that has ever been released in history. In the year 2000 the Sacagawea golden dollar was released. It was to commemorate the Lewis and Clark expedition and also the wonderful Indian woman that helped them along their way.

The Sacagawea golden dollar was made to not only celebrate the Native American people but to also celebrate women that were involved in history as well. This Native American coin was a great idea that actually accomplished both things at the same time. Native American coins are have been a great way to recognize a people that have often been forgotten. The government has done well at using these coins to help give the Native American people the recognition and remembrance they deserve. You can actually purchase these coins if you are collector for prices that are determined by the U.S. mint.

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