Arrowheads were used to help Native American Indians hunt and also fight wars.


There are those who consider arrowheads to be like works of art. No matter what age, what country or geographical region, for the most part all arrowheads seem to have their own elegance. They reveal the soul or the spirit of the maker just as any modern sculptor does in today’s world. Take a look at arrowheads and they will spark the imagination, to say nothing of being of a possible educational value.

The Native Americans ere people of war and Indian weapons were commonplace. Weapons such as bows and arrows, which, of course had arrowheads, tomahawks and spears were all part of their early war weapons. As master warriors, many of the earliest forms of Indian weapons, including arrows and arrowheads were adooted by the early colonists and settlers. These Native American weapons were an important part of each tribe’s fighting style. Native American tribes often fought against each other and then when the when the early colonists came, many of the wars became focused on driving the white man out of the land. Arrows and arrowheads were an important weapon in all these wars.

Arrowheads were the point of arrows and were used by the early Naïve Americans as well as by other people. Not only were arrowheads used for war, but also for hunting animals as well. Arrowheads are now considered artifacts and are typically displayed in museums. However, many historical enthusiasts are delighted when arrowheads are still discovered in modern times. Collectors often purchase arrowheads and build up extensive collections.

Tomahawks are probably the most well known of the Native American weapons. Tomahawks were not only used as weapons, they were also used as early tools. Like an axe or a hatchet, the tomahawk was made with metal blades, It was such a powerful tool and weapon that the United States began to fashion them. In fact, the tomahawk was used during the Viet Nam war.

The Native Americans relied heavily upon their weapons and mastering the art of their fighting style. Tribes were prepared to defend their land, their women and their children, and they were well trained for the task.

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