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Native Peoples Internet Affairs Council

[Native Nations Internet Network]



(Now we are ONE Spirit)  

This Council will be made up of all legitimate
Native community leaders, elders, and spokespersons.

Mission Statement and Purpose


Thus to Investigate all misinformation being spead within the
Native Internet communities and to officially serve as a clearing
house on all reported allegations of misinformation. To formally report
its Council's official finding to the general public via Internet communications,
only after a complete and full investigation has been conducted.


The Native Peoples Internet Affairs Council's Actions:

1. Report its official findings to all legitimate Native community leaders.

2. Serve as a clearing house for all misinformation before it
becomes officially reported to the communities and News Media.

3. To contact and Stampout all reported rumors being spread
by the mass media via unofficially reporting Native sources.


All Native community based organizations and
News Media Directors and Administrators.

Native E-mail Contact List

Native Journals/Magazines

Native Newsletters

Native Newspapers

Native Television and Radio Broadcasting Systems

Native Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

Native Organizations

Native Activists

Native Youth Councils

Processing of Unverified/Bogas News & Articles

1. Before any news is published on any of the Native community Forums,
the List Administrators send a copy of the message or article for an
investigative verification by the Native Internet Affairs Council.

2. After verification of the news the Administrator will be
contacted within 24 hours by a representative of the Indigenous/Native
Peoples Internet Affairs Council. They will then give the approval to post
the message in the List or Newsgroup as being a legitamate post.

3. It will then be posted to that forum.

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