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Indigenous Music and Dance

I dedicate this page to three of my best friends from Bolivia:
Luis, Rolando, & Ramiro Carretero

Music by Charles Littleleaf

Huckleberry Fields at Mt. Adams Washington

Aboriginal Music Project
Bury My Heart (Contemporary Music)
Geronimo's Song
Hawaiian Music Archives
Kekuhi Kanahele (Hawaiian Music)
Native Music

"Music gives a soul to the Universe,
wings to the Wind,
flight to the Imagination,
life to all Things.
It makes marble statues weep....."

Andean Music is Flourishing Around the World
Andean Music Links
Andean Music - Groupo Ayni
Andean Music - Groupo Chaski

quiero pegar un grito de liberacion
despues de siglo y medio de humillacion
Quiero tengan tus dias
destino mejor y el futuro
sonria prometedor

Andean Music Groups
(Matices, Atahualpa, Awatinas, Rumillajta, & Kjarkas)
Cool Andean Music

Música de Bolivia
Music from the Andes

Musica Andina

"Llullakuyqua p'uchukanimi, cheqayllan wiñay wiñay kawsan...
La mentira se va, solamente la verdad por siempre existe.
The lies will go, only the truth lasts forever."

Songs in Quechua

Download Real Audio to listen.

(sound file - click to play)

by the group: Purimuy

Music & Dance Books
Native American Music Productions
Native American Music Resources
Native Inspired or Influenced Musicians
Native Music & Art on the Internet
Online Music
OYATE TA OLOWAN (Songs of the People)
Rainbow Walker Music
Song Directory (Educational)
Traditional Flute Links
Whispers of Earth Medicine (Charles Littleleaf)
Whitefish Bay Singers
Willard Rhodes Collection

Field recordings of North American Indian music, 1940-1952
(on the Library of Congress Special Collections page)

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American Indian Heritage Foundation
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