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Baxoje Ukiche
(Ioway Nation)

Pi ramanyi ho! (Walk in a good way!)


Legend of the White Plume


by Lance Foster lfoster@iastate.edu

Enrolled member of Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska

The Pasnute stood against the wind
His tusks gleaming, his horns gleaming
The ones in the water
His bones in the ground
The ones who came found his bones
They could not find him

They could not find the ones in the water The wind moved always
they did not see
A fishtrap can not catch him
And the mountains were blackened by cold and fire
They did not see

Pahin Tache nahe mahan
hithreje etawe dahahaje, he etawe dahahaje
wahu etawe mahada
se'e hunye wahu uware
irogrenye skunyi
nyidanye irogrenye skunyi....

It is all very wrong
as the Creator makes it so
but let us defend our people, our land, our ways
Or we will truly be dead
The Pahin must stand against the wind
for it is his way
or he is not Pahin
Hintuka, winat'undatan
Grandfather, pity us
dagure lagunstada, se'e ke
whatever you want, that is how it will be
Ho, chugre broke mintawe, heeehan

To the others:
We don't want you
go away
we do not want what you have
we are poor
go away

I write this in mind of my ancestors in whose land i stand
and especially for Manyixange
The Ioway patriot
Pi ramanyi ho!

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