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The History of Dalriada

The Dalraida Celtic Heritage Society, based in Arran, have amassed a great storehouse of Gaelic and Celtic information and documents. They also have a celtic quarterly newsletter and subscription and membership information may be found there. The Society is dedicated to preserving and restoring the Celtic culture.

The heritage of what we now call the Scottish people have their roots set firmly in the history of Dalriada, particularly the people of the Western Isles and Highlands - The Gaidheal. It is for this reason that this Society carries the name of Dalriada. Dalriada was the name of the people who came here from Ireland and whom the Romans called the Scots. The earliest knowledge we have of them comes from when they were still in Ireland. At that time there were four septs or main families of the Erainn stock, who were considered to be a section of the original inhabitants of Eire. These four septs were named the Muscraige, Corco Duibne, Corco Baiscind and Dal Riata, who came from three sons of Conaire Mor called Cairpre Musc, Cairpre Baschain and Cairpre Riata. These four septs of the Erainn migrated from Breg in the north of Ireland to Munster in the south. No reason is given as to why they travelled south, although it is probable that their own family lands could no longer contain them.

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