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"This system is dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the world
and to the enrichment it can bring to all people."

Educational Awards

All schools with an online connection in Denmark are now using these pages for reference,
as stated recently by the Danish Ministry of Education and Culture.
Thanks to Nicklos Lisberg for translating this entire site into Danish.
(Ranked No. 41 in Denmark's Top 100 Web Sites)


Your site is one of 20 that has been awarded "Best of January"
and has been reviewed by Education World (tm) Search Engine.

It has received an "A+" Rating.

On behalf of all net-surfing educators,
we thank you for your contribution in making
the web valuable for the education community.

Keep up the good work! : )

Again, congratulations.


Patricia Carnabuci
Webmaster, General Manager
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Native American Women's Health
Education Resource Center

Bev Moreno's El camino diferente...

"The webmaster, Dr. Glenn Welker, is a noted author, researcher and computer programming authority in the field of American Indian and Canadian Indian studies.

Dr. Glenn Welker's 'Platinum Mine' of Bookmarks.

This noted and incredibly talented professor and webmaster offers his endless list of bookmarked links. You can click on anything here from American/Canadian and Latin American Indian languages, history and cultures to an abundance of information about computing information, the internet, and web development.

Be very patient; the list is very long, however,
it IS in alphabetical order and easy to navigate.

Highly recommended!"

Bev Moreno

Dear Mr. Welker,

I want to thank you for your help with our research project.
I am the Media Specialist at South Point High School in South Point, Ohio.
I am helping a young man, Patrick, with his research project.
He is very interested in Sequoyah and the Cherokee Nation.
Patrick comes from a home with a very poor financial situation and does
not have much. He is very bright and of above average intelligence.

He finds this means of research very intriguing and fascinating.
He will be THRILLED when I tell him I have received an answer from you.
He comes in between every period change to ask me.

Thank you so very much. You have made a young man very happy.

Peggy Byard and Patrick

Patti Weeg's Global Classroom

Dear Glenn,

I am grateful to *you* for what you have made available for all of us.

You would not believe how many people are searching for Native American
topics. Many, many of my hits are coming from your site.

Thank you so much.

Patti Weeg


Congratulations on a fine Web site!

I teach history at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.
Using Internet and other resources, I am developing floppy-disk electronic
"workbooks" for my students on various historical topics.

I would like to incorporate your online document on Emiliano Zapata into
a disk-based workbook for my survey course on modern Latin America. I will
distribute the workbook to students for free.

Thus students will have a ready source of good material to read. Thank you,

Richard W. Slatta

Mr. Welker,

I would like to let you know that I was pleased to find your site on
the Internet. I teach at a non-profit private school for students with
learning disabilities. I have been teaching my 7th graders about Texas
Indian culture, and it is unfortunate that there is not much material
available for them. Two of the five sites I found on the Internet were yours.

Thank you so much for your time and trouble. I just wanted you to know
that the information that you have provided is going to have some good use.


Donna N. Dunbar

Mr. Welker

Thank you for creating this terrific series of websites.

I stayed up late last night reading and reading and reading.

I have volunteered to tell stories to a group of 4 and 5 year olds
at the elementary school my son attends. The children are not accustomed
to listening to stories. They expect a book with a lot of colorful pictures.

I would like to introduce them to Native American tales so they can
learn to "see" the pictures words can paint.

Lucy Escue

The Native American Bedtime-Story Collection

Dear Glenn,

Bedtime-Story, the web's premiere children's story site, is thrilled to
have discovered the exceptional resource you have created at your site.

Your remarkable ability to clearly relate Native American legends in
contemporary language is especially valuable to both parents as well as
educators, who wish to convey the history of an important people to today's children.

We found the stories fascinating and easy to follow.
Our congratulations on a job well done.

We hope to have the opportunity to direct others to the wealth of
information you have so painstakingly compiled on your site.


C.K. Gurin

"About the Contributor - A Senior Systems Engineer with a sixteen year background in computers, Glenn Welker has also enjoyed a thirty year love of Music, particularly ethnomusicology, the music of many cultures.

As student majoring in Music/Library Science at Austin Peay State University/The University of Nebraska, Glenn put his Library training to work, compiling contemporary
(and highly readable versions) of Native American literature.

His work permits today's young readers to enjoy the wisdom and humor woven into ancient stories, which might otherwise have been lost to them. A full-time employee of a Maryland software engineering company, Glenn maintains the web site for the American Indian Heritage Foundation, where a wealth of historical information may also be found.

Particularly notable in his collection are written portraits of Native American Chiefs such as the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota (Sioux) nations, providing intimate glimpses into the lives and characters of these complex and fascinating individuals.

Of Chief Crazy Horse, we find the comment:

"...it is only fair to judge a man by the estimate of his own people, rather than that of his enemies."

You may write to Glenn at nativelit@earthlink.net."

Classroom Connect Inc.

Dear Glenn Welker,

I am the editor for a small publishing company specializing in K-12 curriculum material designed to help teachers integrate the Internet into their classrooms. Our goal is to show teachers how easily they can access the abundance of terrific educational material on the Internet and to help them discover how the Internet can make learning exciting, hands-on, and student-centered.

We write lesson plans, activity sheets and Internet integration ideas for the sites we especially like. Teachers are able to make as many copies of our curriculum materials as they need to use with students. A companion CD including a selection of outstanding Web sites is also included. This CD is helpful for teachers who have no, limited, or slow access to the Internet. Teachers use the CD in the classroom to allow students access to Internet resources they wouldn't otherwise be able to see. The CD is also used by teachers to write their own curriculum materials.

I've visited the Indigenous Peoples' Literature site and I think it's excellent. I think teachers and students would also appreciate it. We'd like your permission to put this site on the teacher's companion CD.

Thank you for your consideration.


Marianne Clay
Education Editor

Phone: 717-393-1000 ext. 271
Fax: 717-393-5752

Dear Webmaster,

I am writing on behalf of Discovery Communications, Inc., parent company
of Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel. In the summer of 1995,
Discovery launched Discovery Channel Online, a World Wide Web site that
extends the real world entertainment of its cable programming to

We actively seek links to high-quality sites like yours that feature
content related to subjects on our site. We would like to link to your
site through Connections Sunday--related to James Burke's program
"Connections." As part of Connections Sunday, we have created a contest
called "Webweaving" in which we provide clues for users to make the "connection."

Your page contains material relevant to the connection, and we plan to
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The contest will then be archived for a year.

The page we are linking to is located at: The Gift of Corn.

There is the potential for hundreds of users to attempt to access your
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whether this extra traffic will present any technical problems for your server.

We will continue to point Discovery users to your site for one year.

Also, should the URL for this page change, would you please contact:

Jude Doherty.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Elizabeth Cleary
Discovery Channel Online Consultant

This site was awarded a by the Los Angeles Times on Oct. 11, 1998.

"For some very Columbus-contrarian views,
check the Indigenous Peoples' Literature page."

Culture Choice Award Winner

Dear Webmaster:


Congratulations on having been selected as a Culture Choice site by:

The Web of Culture

This designation cites you as an online resource providing valuable
cross-cultural information to the Internet community. The World Wide
Web is truly the global marketplace for educating our neighbors on the
diversity of ethnic populations everywhere.

Congratulations again on your designation as a CULTURE CHOICE!
We wish you continued success in all your Internet and cultural endeavors!

Dear Webmaster,

I am writing on behalf of Intelligent Agent, a newsletter
on the use of interactive media and technology in the arts and education.

A short review on your site is included on page 144 of our March 1998
edition. Your library makes for terrific reading.


Christiane Paul
Editor, Intelligent Agent
Hyperactive Corp.
P.O. Box 661
Prince St. Station
New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 462 9033

"This impressive literature section, an e-text archive developed by
Glenn Welker, is an inclusive library. The archive contains stories and
legends, prayers and music, as well as famous quotes and information on
great chiefs and leaders. Readers will also find "Fables of the Mayas"
and material on indigenous peoples of Mexico. The stories, fables and
legends are catalogued by categories such as creation/migration stories:

e.g., coyote, deer, and eagle.

The e-texts can also be browsed by name, date, and type."

The Four Directions Project

Dear Mr. Welker:

My name is Bob Isaacson and am a graduate research assistant at the University of Kansas. I am working on a project called "4 Directions" which is a Challange Grant project. The goal is to provide Internet technology to various BIA schools throughout North America,

Microsoft, along with Intel, have graciously donated NT servers for this project. Unfortunately, many of the schools are located on remote reservations and lack adequate phone connections to the Internet.

This is where your site will become invaluable, by downloading (mirroring) your pages at our schools, we can create an Intranet based upon your wonderful materials.

This is one of the finest collections that I have seen on the web and I know that it will be of great value to our teachers and students.

Thank you very much.

Bob Isaacson

The Four Directions Project

"The Four Dircetions Project has the potential to transform teaching and learning in schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and those public schools educating American Indian children.

Significant learning will occur when technology, Indian culture,
language and subject matter is integrated holistically."

Gilbert Sanchez, Pueblo of Laguna
Lead Local Educational Agent for the project

American Cybercasting

Attn: Kellie Hawkins

I am writing to request mirroring your site on our K-12 educational program.

Let me introduce myself. I am the Curriculum Coordinator for American
Cybercasting, a K-12 educational tool that allows students to research our
publications, academic source materials, and selected excellent internet sites.
What we will do, with your permission, is make it easier for our students to
access your information.

K-12 students have precious little computer time in an academic situation.
Consequently, they have little time to spool the internet in search of good
materials, and much time is lost when students get sidetracked along the way.
Thus, really fine information is lost to students because many school
administrators are reluctant to allow such browsing. Mirroring your site can
assure our teachers that students will quickly get to your material, and that
the material is of excellent quality.

Our program will be in schools this fall, so I am hoping to hear from your soon.
We will credit your site and can later this year send you stats on # of hits on
your site.


Elizabeth A. Donnelly
American Cybercasting
30680 Bainbridge Rd #100A
Solon, OH 44139

Best of the Net - Student Edition CD ROM

The Indigenous Peoples' Literature Site is being considered for an Outstanding
Educational Site Award and inclusion in the next Best of the Net CD ROM.

The award, which recognizes excellence in World Wide Web publications, is
presented to sites which most successfully integrate educational content with
innovative uses of the World Wide Web to create challenging and fun learning
environments. The sites are selected by a team of professionals, headed by Dr.
Gerri Sinclair of Simon Fraser University, who specialize in developing and
evaluating innovative educational technologies.

Jude Kornelsen
Project Manager, Best of the 'Net

2 Hot 2 Handle

Dear Indigenous Peoples' Literature,


The CyberMom Dot Com has deemed your site worthy of our:

2 Hot 2 Handle Site of the Day medal!

You were linked from our 2 Hot 2 Handle page on August 27, 1998.
The 2 Hot 2 Handle Sites are archived monthly at The CyberMom Dot Com.

Earning this designation is quite a distinction. We look for web sites that are
likely to be appreciated by our CyberMoms: sites that generally seek to
delight, inform or amuse by exhibiting excellence in graphics, content, or both.
Of course it helps if there's something of special interest to a mom with a modem too!

Congratulations again for your terrific site ... and one that CyberMoms can enjoy!


Francine E.C. Shannon
The CyberMom Dot Com

American Indian Heritage Foundation

I am with the American Indian Heritage Foundation, where I serve as Curator of
Artists for American Indians. We are building a virtual museum and your
terrific compilations are being formated into a nice thought-environment
for our visitors.

Take a look at my intro page at:

Indigenous People's Literature

to get an idea.

Burt Reynolds, who is part Cherokee, has agreed to do a dramatic reading
of some important quotes, and I would like to include many more, displayed
alongside a selection of works by American Indian and Southwestern artists.

Thank you.

John Simmons
Artists for American Indians

Dear Mr. Welker,

Webivore Knowledge Systems values your web site(s) and has included it in our collection of educational web pages.

This collection is an index of the best web sites found and reviewed by our content experts and editors to help students and educators find accurate and useful information on the web.

A short review of your web site has been written by our Content Experts and organized in subcategories of subject areas for users to choose from and explore. The bibliographic information listed above was culled from your web site.

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Affix it to your web site so others will know that we value your work!

Thank you for your time and input and your web site!

Amara Cohen
Webivore Knowledge Systems, LLC
Classroom Webivore
Webivore Knowledge Systems

Dear Dr. Welker,

I am writing to obtain permission to cache your web page titled
"Tsalagi (Cherokee) Literature" for our multimedia American Literature 2 course.

Thank you for your attention to this request. This web page will be an informative addition to our course. Call me if you need more information. Please leave this letter attached to your reply for record-keeping reasons.

Our program is not classroom based, but instead serves individual learners at a distance. CLASS - Communications, Learning and Assessment in a Student-centered System - is part of the University of Nebraska, Division of Continuing Studies. We operate in a password protected, electronic environment. We are nonprofit, self-supporting unit offering quality educational services at the lowest possible cost for high school and college students.

The life of a course is not determined by an academic semester or year, rather, we enroll students any time and give them one year from date of enrollment to complete the course. We anticipate enrolling up to 100 students per year for the life of the course, approximately 5-8 years. Teachers will also have access to the courses for purposes of curriculum evaluation and grading.

Thank you very much. Please call me if you have any questions about our program or
how we develop and use our course materials. I look forward to hear from you.

Stephanie Lofton
University of Nebraska
Distance Education Department
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