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Earl's Dead Dog

by Dave (Kayoshk) kayoshk@eros.unm.edu

Once there was a guy named Earl who lived on the rez. His dog died of old age. The dog was important to Earl, because he had him since he was a pup.

Earl was very sad, and didn't know what to do. So he picked up his dog, and started going around to everyone's house with his dead dog in his arms.

First he went to his neighbor, saying "my dog died". His neighbor just said "I'm sorry", and Earl moved on.

Then Earl went to his clan mother saying "my dog is dead now." His clan mother just shook her head and said "it'll be okay".

Earl made his way to a Sachem's house, telling the man about his dead dog. The Sachem just said "I will pray for you".

For three days, Earl carried his dead dog in his arms. During those three days was the strawberry festival, and Earl even brought his dead dog to that. So everyone on the rez knew that Earl's dog had died.

Then Earl went to the Longhouse with his dead dog in his arms. When he walked in to take his seat, a faithkeeper walked up to him and said:

"Earl, I know that your dog is dead, and we are all truly sorry for your loss. But don't you think that after 3 days of carrying him around, it's time to bury him?"

It was just the answer that Earl was looking for.

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