Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding

Great Spirit Grandfather,
I send these words to you,
Hear my prayer.
For these are my words,
To Father Sun,
To Grandmother Moon,
To Mother Earth
To all my relations,
That have been Created as I.
To the Four Winds,
That bring us the
Seasons of Life.

To the East
Where Father Sun rises
Bringing to us a new day
A new meaning of life,
A light in which to see
The path before us.

To the South
Where the warm air comes to us
Bringing heat and warmth,
The seasons of spring
And summer.

To the West
Where Father Sun goes
To bring to us darkness,
So as we may see the universe
And search for the questions
Of our life.

To the North
Where the cold winds come from
Bringing to us the seasons
Of fall and winter.

Oh Great Spirit, Hear my words
For to you I offer my heart and soul,
You made me what I am
And I am Indian,
America's Prisoners of War
I pray for my people of the past
Whose blood covers this our Mother Earth
I pray now as an Indian
Blood of my Ancestors.

Great Spirit Grandfather,
Look down upon Your people,
For we are humble Before you.
We seek your guidance, So that we your people
May walk forever In a proud manner Before you.

Great Spirit Grandfather,
You gave your people The breath of life,
So that we may live With dignity and pride,
To always know And understand
That life was meant for us Your most humble Traditional people,
And all that Was Created And given The breath of life.

Great Spirit Grandfather,
Let my heart Soul and mind Be always strong with
Wisdom, knowledge And Understanding.

Great Spirit Grandfather
Hear my words For wisdom
So that I may open My eyes and
See all that Is good around me.

Great Spirit Grandfather
Hear my words For wisdom
So that I may open my ears
And hear all that is good Around me.
For I am humble Before you.
I seek the strength To continue on this path
That I travel on before you In a most Sacred manner.

Great Spirit Grandfather
Hear my words
For they are words that come from the
Heart, soul and mind, and are filled with
Wisdom, knowledge and Understanding.

Great Spirit Grandfather
My words are for you To know and understand
That in a most Sacred manner
I honor and respect The life you have put before me,
I seek the strength To forever continue Upon this Sacred path.

Great Spirit Grandfather
Upon the four winds Are my words for strength
For they come from the Heart, soul and mind
Words I send to you In a Sacred manner.

Great Spirit Grandfather
Let all wisdom, knowledge and understanding
Be my strength To continue on this path
That I travel on before you
As a Traditional American Indian,
Now and forever.

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