Inuit Paintings

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Inuit Paintings

Inuit Paintings
Inuit Art/Eskimo Art printmaking was started in the late 1950's. Inuit/Eskimo artists used the best paper and the finest finishes in the production of their lively and vivid Inuit paintings.

The first compilation of Inuit painting and printmaking was issued by the Inuit Artist/Eskimo Artists from Cape Dorset in 1960. Many of these works of art are sold at prices, at auctions in the secondary market today which is remotely by far beyond what the original Inuit artist would have ever imagined.

Eskimo art has become a world notarized art form desirable for both its simplicity (the early years) and its high quality. There are many Inuit Painting artists who are devoted to painting their Inuit people's cultural heritage. It is a unique way for them to share their beliefs, their dreams and visions and even their life history.

Whats in Inuit Paintings
When one looks at Inuit paintings, there are history, myths, legends and environmental truths depicted in each work of art. They have no precedence in the world. The brilliance of these Inuit paintings speaks to us of the ancient times and even warns society about future events to come.

Another fact about Inuit artwork is that Inuit paintings are not only a portrayal of myths and legends and environmental truths. Historical facts are also combined with the legends and myths when it relates to the early native history and archaeological premise of the Inuit people.

Where to Find Inuit Paintings
Inuit art paintings and other Indian artifacts have become very prominent pieces of fine art and they are sought after by people all over the world. There are several aboriginal Art Galleries in Canada that portray and even sell various Inuit art paintings. Inuit paintings can also be found at many online specialty Native American Art stores.

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