Inuit Jewelry

Authentic Inuit Jewelry Designs and Native Alaskan Jewelry.

Indian Jewelry
Depending on the American Indian tribe, there are diverse jewelry styles. Inuit Jewelry is made out of various materials such as beads, shells, copper, silver, amber, ivory, turquoise and many other stones. These various stones and materials were major trade items many years before the European people arrived in America.

Following the migration and colonization of the Europeans, Inuit jewelry making customs continued to be strong. Native American Indian people began to incorporate new materials and various techniques into the use of making Indian jewelry; for example, incorporating glass beads adding advanced metalworking methods. Two main methods of creating Indian jewelry included metalwork and beadwork. However, before the incorporating of new materials and new techniques, Native American jewelry was created with very simple techniques.

Inuit Jewelry
Original Inuit jewelry is fashioned, created and designed by Northwest Coast and Inuit artists. Among many Inuit people, it is very fashionable to show off a cord of orca gut as a necklace. Inuit people who are truly affluent harmonize the gut string with a broach which is carved from caribou bone. Another example of Inuit jewelry includes carved jewelry of polar bears from the Legend of the Great Thaw. A lot of Inuit jewelry includes a variety of animal carvings made from various materials such as Ivory or Antler. Inuit jewelry is very interesting creatively designed pieces of Indian art and is treasured by all kinds of people throughout the world.

Where Can I Find Inuit Jewelry
Inuit Jewelry can be found primarily in specialty stores that sell Native American jewelry and various other Native American artifacts. Inuit jewelry can also be found in Native American Art stores located in Canada. Various regions of Canada are where many of the descendants of the Inuit people reside today. Inuit jewelry can also be bought online from Online Native American Art stores.

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