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"Children with eyes like souls ready to fly
Looking at me - for some kind of sacred sign.
Who will teach the young, the names of the ancient ones?
Who will tell them from whence they come?"

By: Johnny Clegg and Savuka


edited by:

Arlene B. Hirschfelder and Beverly R. Singer

Ballantine Books
201 E. 50th St.
New York, NY 10022

For ages 12 and up.
Index. 131 pp., 0-684-19207-1

Hirschfelder and Singer have assembled a compelling collage of heartfelt sentiments in this collection of essays and poetry, most from the writer's class assignments in middle and high school. The book is divided into several classifications:

Ritual Ceremony
Education, and
Harsh Realities

Every selection includes a biographical profile of the writer. From the pride of "We Are The Many" to the resentful "Going Into Space" (a two-and-a-half billion dollar camping trip), these voices ask us in unison to hear their message. A masterful and evocative work.

"When the sun warms your body through
In the Heart of the Land,
And smiles play on our children's faces,
You can see the work of Koluskap's hand."

by Red Hawk, Penobscot
From the poem "Penobscot Home Nation"

"My father went on talking to me in a low voice.
This is how our people always talk to their children,
So low and quiet, the child thinks he is dreaming."

By Maria Chona, Papago

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