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Tuka Ania
Dream World

Among my People...the Yaqui...we call the night..Tuka Ania...the Night World....the Vehicle of Dreams... I cannot imagine what your your dreams are like unless you describe them to me. Dreams reflect that which we hold deep within our minds...Have you ever looked at your reflection in the water? You see your face so clearly and it appears as reachable as your hand. But...when you reach to touch it...it is only water. Yet, in the reflection, you are safe from any harm....nothing can touch you.

We call that reflection...the Dream world. When you see the reflection of a forest across a large lake...look closely. You can see that the forest in the reflection can never be burned...or cut down. The sky in the reflection is clear...blue and unpolluted. A forest...a world that once existed.

Long ago...a world that we dream will exist once again. In this real world that we live in we all seek a place of our own...a place we belong to. We can find this place in our dreams or we can look for a reflection on a clear lake or we can find it within ourselves. Dreams can come true...but we must make them come true...with our eyes open...

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