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A Clash of Values


Slower, softer speech (AI)
Louder, faster speech (AA)

Avoids speaker/listener with little or no eye contact (AI)
Addresses listener directly often by name (AA)

Interjects less (AI)
Interrupts frequently (AA)

Less "encouraging signs" (nodding of head, "uh huh" etc.) (AI)
Much verbal encouragement (AA)

Delayed resopnse to auditory message (AI)
Immediate response to auditory message (AA)

Nonverbal communication prized (AI)
Verbal skills highly prized (AA)

Cooperation (AI)
Competetion (AA)

Group needs most important (AI)
Personal goals most important (AA)

Harmony with nature (AI)
Power and control of nature (AA)

Control self, not others (AI)
Control of self and others (AA)

Sharing, keep only enough to satisfy present needs (AI)
Material things important collected and respected (AA)

Participates only when certain of ability (AI)
Trial and error (AA)

Privacy and noninterference (AI)
Need to control all situations (AA)

Physical punishment rare (AI)
Physical punishment accepted (AA)

Patient, allows others to go first (AI)
Aggressive and competitive (AA)

Broken English accepted (AI)
Command of the English language respected. (AA)

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