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Chief Washakie


"You people are in big trouble.
That land doesn't belong to you any more."

"Maybe not," Mike said, "but we belong to it.
You whites think everything is dead,
and you can just do what you want and the land doesn't know."

Shoshone Mike


Queen of Death Valley

It seems the l800's thinking that the government
knows what is best for Indians still reigns.

Richard Boland, Timbisha Shoshone Tribal Administrator

To the Western Shoshone, storytelling ability was a highly regarded talent, as the stories were a primary method of educating the young about their culture and desired conduct within it.


SHOSHONE TALES, collected by Anne M. Smith, assisted by Alden Hayes. University of Utah Press, 101 University Services Building, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, (800) 444-8638 ext 6771, (801) 581-3365. Illustrated, references, map. 188 pp.

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