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Mixed Reflection

by Gary Armstrong

When I notice reflection,
All I see are hollow eyes.
There is a mist in reflection,
A mix of who I am.
The world is so still,
When gazing into mist.
Life exist in reflection,
Of so calm and tranquil.
There is coldness that blankets,
For I cannot enter this reflection.
For out, this coldness prevails,
I am of mixed reflection.
For my soul cannot enter,
This peacefulness.
For who I see is a stranger,
Who is lost.

noitcelfer eciton I nehW
seye wolloh era ees I llA
noitcelfer ni tsim a si erehT
ma I ohw fo xim A
llits os si dlrow ehT
tsim otni gnizag nehW
noitcelfer ni tsixe efiL
liuqnart dna mlac os fO
steknalb taht ssendloc si erehT
noitcelfer siht retne tonnac I roF
sliaverp ssendloc siht, tuo roF
noitcelfer dexim fo ma I
retne tonnac luos ym roF
ssenlufecaep sihT
regnarts a si ees I ohw roF
tsol si ohW

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