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Raven Stories

Raven Birth

Before Raven came, the earth was dark and cold. When he saw people living without shadows, he began a search for light. He finds it at the house of Sky Chief, who does not want to share it. Raven changes himself into a pine needle and floats down into the water that Sky Chief's daughter is drinking. In her stomach, he turns into a baby, to Sky Chief's delight. When the baby asks for and receives the shiny ball in the box, he turns back into Raven and flies into the sky, placing the ball where all may enjoy it. That is why Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest feed the raven.

written and illustrated by Gerald McDermott.
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers
111 Fifth Ave., N.Y., NY 10003
(800) 543-1918.
For ages 4-8.
Illustrated. 32 pp., 0-15-265661-8.

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