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"My sweet beloved homeland,
your voice and my song
joined today in exile
wound me
like a dagger in my soul."

Patria, mi dulce amada,
tu voz y mi canto
unidos hoy en el exilio
me duelen
como punal en al alma."

These home pages are dedicated to all Mayan people
wherever they may be, but especially to the following friends:

Rigoberta Menchu

"What I treasure most in life is being able to dream. During my
most difficult moments and complex situations I have been able to
dream of a more beautiful future.

What hurts Indians most is our costumes are considered beautiful, but
it's as if the person wearing them didn't exist."

Fernando Penalosa

"How beautiful to see the world
through the Maya prism
with its five cardinal directions.

Can this be learned by Westerners
who see just two directions:

East and West?"

Yax Te' Foundation

Maya Educational Foundation

Maya Literature and Language

(Nuestra Literatura Maya)

Maya Music

First Congress of Indigenous Literatures of the Americas

Sponsored by:

Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez

Author of: Mayan Life

Yax Te' Foundation

Victor Montejo

Author of: Sculpted Stones

"How it pains me,
The silence of my ancestors
Who, little by little
Were stilled,
Their traces disappearing
Like the distant wind
Of the unknowable stars.

Their voices extinguished
As the fire
Hidden by night
Only to be put out
By the rains
And their steps
Almost erased like obscure
Pages of ancient codices"

Curbstone Press

To me these people represent the heart and soul
of the Maya, because they dare to speak the truth
about their people. After 500 years in which many groups
have attempted to make them disappear, they prove that the
Maya are not a civilization which has vanished.

I have attempted to capture their spirit in these pages which I
have created for them. It is my sincerest hope that it gives them
and the Maya the respect and honor which they so justly deserve.

Oios Botik
(Thank you)

Mayan Stories


Chiapas Menu
Ode to Chiapas


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"How far I am from you, homeland,
as I carry in my blood
a bubbling of sunlight
struggle and hope.

In your name, homeland,
and in the name of your sons,
the thousands of disposessed,
I'll lift my head and fight
as you wanted me to."

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