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Glenn H. Welker - Resume

This hypertext document was developed by Glenn Welker to demonstrate the Internet, World-Wide Web, and Netscape, and other WWW Browsers.

These browsers let you navigate the emerging Infobahn by connecting to its various resources. Resources known as World-Wide Web (WWW) servers offer hyper-linked text, graphics, sound, or video. With them, you can also interact with other resources, such as Gopher servers, using menus and text.

Links to several WWW servers are provided below for your information. Simply click on the highlighted names to access them.

Over the past five years I have created and continue to develop the following web sites:

Indigenous Peoples' Literature,
Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
Midwest Consortium for Latino Research (MCLR)

Projects I'm working on

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Glenn Welker's Personal Area

My expertise lies in a variety of disciplines:


Coordinated four month research project compiling patriotic music from all nations. Resulted in the production of 500 page, three volume set of national anthems.

Assisted two musical composition/doctoral candidates with the design and implementation of research methodology for the requirements of their doctoral degrees. Both obtained their Ph.D.'s.


Where superior skills in music autography/copying, research, compiling, and editing will contribute to the meeting of technical/archival needs.


Thirty years musical experience includes:


Preparation, publication, and performance of musical scores; Renovation and editing of historical and original music manuscripts; distribution, classification, and cataloging of books, transcripts, and records.


Calligraphy, including various styles of ornate and simple hand lettering, plus Library and Computer Science background.

I have had a wide range of experiences in my life, from playing trombone with a tropical music group in Mexico to being a member of the United States Air Force Band.

Music Copyist. U.S. Air Force Band, Washington, D.C. Prepared copies of arrangements and original compositions by hand for photo-chemical reproduction; Repaired worn out sheet music. (1975 to 1979)

One of my main interests is in the field of ethnomusicology. Also I like to invoke intellectual dialogue on the Internet, related to topics that you see on this home page. My musical tastes run the gauntlet from Mozart to Incan flute music from South America.

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Glenn's Projects List

Frontera de la Palabra
The United Confederation Of Taino People
The Chiapas Project
The Chiapas Menu


On weekends and evenings I provide faculty, staff and students with
individualized or course training on network resources and services
at the Computer Institute in Rockville, Maryland - (301) 424-0044.
Email, Internet Services, Network Training, etc.
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Articles Written:

Defining Who Is "Hispanic"
Networking Indigenous Peoples
Rediscovering What Has Always Been There

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