Directors Vision

Princess Pale Moon
My Personal Thoughts

From our humble beginnings in 1973, we have grown, with the support of individual and corporate donors nationwide, into one of the largest privately supported non-profit Indian organizations in the United States.

As founder, my goal became two-fold, to provide necessary relief services and supplies to needy Indian families nation-wide and help build bridges of understanding and friendship between Indian and non-Indian people. Through informative materials, special events, cultural sharing opportunities and the World Wide Web, we have reached multiplied thousands with positive and proper representations of contemporary Indian culture as well as preservation of the old and treasured.

The needs are great and we are confident that the spirited giving of those who care about the needs of our First Americans, continue to make it possible for these goals to be achieved. We encourage you to consider joining our team of supporters, as a friend of the Indian, and watch your investment in people's lives, make a difference. I really love going to work everyday because what we provide for Indian families is definitely needed and greatly appreciated by them.

May you be strengthened by yesterday's rain, walk straight into tomorrow's wind, and cherish each moment of the sunshine today."

May you always walk in beauty,

Princess Pale Moon