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Many people honestly believe that they have a Native American connection somewhere in their past. Who hasnt heard their friends touting a Cherokee great grandmother or a Navajo ancestor? For many of us, the tie we have to Native American people is tenuous, at best; which is why there may be some hesitation if you have the desire to get a Native American tattoo. Dont simply give up on the idea of having one of these symbols just because you cannot completely verify your Native American heritage, because there are ways to incorporate the rich cultural history of these people into your body art, even if you are not certain you have any familial ties.

Use letters from a Native writing system. Because these symbols represent entire syllables, and not letters, you could choose the symbol that stands for the first syllable in your name, or in the name of someone you love. This way you are just using a unique variation of a very traditional tattoo design.

Use a Native American word as a tattoo design. You could decide to use a Native word for peace or harmony or any other personal characteristic that you have or wish to achieve. Just be certain that the design you have chosen actually means what you think it means, because it may be embarrassing to find out too late that the word you thought meant love actually means snake, or something like that!

Keep in mind that your tattoo will be permanent, for all intents and purposes, so deciding on a design should not be a fleeting thought. You want to keep in mind that many Native American tribes consider some symbols and characters sacred, so it might be wise to do some historical research on the design before you get it inked on your arm. You do not want to disrespect any religious or sacred belief by putting a symbol in an area that might offend any tribe. A Native American tattoo is a great way to show respect for the rich cultural tradition of these people, as long as it is done in a tasteful, attractive way.

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