Native American Flute Music

Listening to Native American flute music can be the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.

There is almost no genre of music more relaxing and meditative than authentic, Native American flute music. These single instrument melodies bring to mind an eagle flying in the air over mountain passes or wide open prairie ranges, soaring above quite Native American communities. Flute music somehow enables the listener to feel more connected to the natural and spiritual world around us, even if we live in suburban communities surrounded by modern conveniences.

Many contemporary musical artists use Native American flutes as inspiration for their quiet melodies. Some artists even use actual Native American flute musicians as part of their songs. Although these influences are not directly seen in mainstream music, the theories behind natural, simple melodies are alive and well in almost every genre heard on the radio today. All of this influence means that this type of native music will continue to grow and be appreciated for generations to come.

Once you decide that you want to enjoy some of this music, either for times of relaxation or for times of deeper meditation, a good place to look for authentic Native American flute music is a local artisan shop near a Native American community. Sometimes there are local musicians who sell their music there on independent labels, or as self recordings. You can, of course, buy Native American flute music at large retail stores; but it will be difficult for you to tell if the artists who play on these albums are authentic Native American musicians or if they are commercialized musicians who have simply learned this instrument. Further, an independent business owner usually gives native musicians a larger portion of the proceeds from each album sale. Having an album of Native American flute music can create the perfect meditation atmosphere, even in the most hectic of environments.

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