Native American Designs

Details the different crafts and jewelry that display Native American designs.

If the Native American culture fascinates you, than you may find yourself in awe of Native American designs. Native American culture included many crafts including basket weaving, jewelry making, clothing, and rugs. Many of these crafts displayed similar Native American styles, yet each one is a unique piece of art.

When we think of Native American designs in jewelry, we usually think turquoise. However, turquoise is not the only medium that Native Americans used to make jewelry. Native Americans used what they had. This includes copper, stone, and even bone. Beaded jewelry was also a common type of Native American jewelry. This was jewelry with a purpose, usually to edify the great spirits.

When it came to basket making, Native American designs were very important. The baskets themselves were important and used for any number of daily activities. The designs placed upon the baskets were varied according to the different tribes. These designs were based upon cultural significances and even placement of designs was well thought out.

Native American designs in clothing were also important. Often Native Americans could be discerned from one tribe or another simply by the clothing. Every tribe had a different design. This clothing could also include beadwork, quillwork, feathers, fur and other design elements.

Native American rugs are also important when it comes to Native American designs. Rugs and other textiles were very intricate and took a lot of hard work and time. These rugs could also include design elements such as beading and quillwork.

Native American culture is fascinating. It is this culture, rather than the art itself, that increases our obsession with Native American designs. We are fascinated by the way these forefathers lived, worked, worshiped, and interacted. This is why Native American designs, whether in jewelry or rugs, will always be a popular medium.

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