Indian Tattoo

Look for traditional Indian tattoo art and designs.

Because tattoos are permanent additions to your body, for the most part, it is wise to use caution when youre choosing the tattoo designs. Nobody wants to look at their tattoo many years from the date of completion and feel pangs of regret for the decision they made. Some people are now turning to Indian symbols and artwork for their tattoo designs; which can be a great idea, as long as they are not offensive and are instead an artful tribute to Indian culture and history.

Using such Indian symbols as the kokopelli can be a way to remind yourself and others to remain tied to the spiritual side of life. However, make sure that the depictions are tasteful and maintain a reverence for the Indian religious awareness. A simple way to do this is to take a potential design to a historical society and ask them to give you an opinion of whether it would be appropriate to use it for a tattoo design.

Some symbols are somewhat sacred, such as those that stand for sacred spirits and religious intermediaries; icons such as these may not be ideal choices for body work. On the other hand, many symbols were painted on bodies throughout Indian history, and would be great choices for Indian tattoos, as long as the coloring, placement, and surrounding imagery was also thoughtful.

If you do not have ideas for Indian tattoo designs, asking the tattoo artist for suggestions is a great idea. Body artists typically have books or other materials that contain ideas for body art, and may also be able to tell you whether the symbol you have picked out is appropriate and respectful. You may want to bring your design into the shop before the date you have set to receive your tattoo, so that the artist can make sure that he or she has the colors and materials necessary to complete your design.

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