Indian Baby Names

Traditional Indian baby names can be a good choice for your little one.

Indian Baby Names

In a day when preschool classes are filled with three different spelling variations of the same common name, some parents want to find baby names that have a spiritual meaning in addition to a beautiful sound. For some parents, this means turning to some of the American Indian tribes for ideas. Before you find a name that has the exact meaning you want, take a few moments to make sure you fully know what the name means.

Consider the Source If you pick up a baby name pamphlet from the checkout counter at your local grocery store, it may be hard for you to find out how accurate the baby name meanings actually are within it. For some parents, the meaning of the name may not be as important as it sounds; so for them, the accurate meaning is not all that important. If you want to know the real meaning of an Indian name, however, you should probably invest in a Native American language dictionary or two and do a bit of research on your own.

Consider how it Sounds

Who isnt frustrated when they hear of celebrities who have named their poor children something off the wall or random? We all think to ourselves, That little child is going to have to go through their entire lives with a name that makes everyone roll their eyes! If this disregard for rationality annoys you, make sure to refrain from doing the same thing to your own child. While it is perfectly fine to pick a unique and interesting name, you dont want to name your baby something that nobody can pronounce, or one your child will only change when they are older!

Consider Respect

Many non-Native parents are now choosing to name their children actual Native Indian tribal names, such as Dakota or Aztec. For most tribes, this is not a show of respect, but is actually a sign of disregard for their spiritual traditions. Tribes were given names based on religious beliefs, so to name your child with the name of an entire people is similar to a Christian parent giving their baby the name of God. If you are not sure about how appropriate your chosen name is, make a call or send an email to the tribal council to find out if it is respectful of their tradition.

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