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Tips for choosing American Indian Jewelry For Quality And Craftsmanship

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American Indian jewelry is a great symbol of Indigenous culture and tradition. This beautiful style of jewelry is usually crafted by hand, giving it a distinctive quality unlike cheap fabricated jewelry. These days, Indian cultures often support themselves by selling their beautiful hand crafts, jewelry, and other intriguing works of art to make a living. Purchasing Native jewelry gives you the opportunity to help them sustain their heritage and continue practicing their traditions.

As with all Indigenous hand crafts, each piece of jewelry is created from a Tribe of interesting historical legend and unique traditions. For example, Native American jewelry produced by the Tigua Indians, a Puebloan tribe, is truly remarkable due to the fact that around the 1930’s, their Tribe was thought to be extinct. It wasn’t until they reunited and began to articulate themselves as a people, claiming the land that had been taken from them, that they were at last acknowledged in the 1960s by President Lyndon Johnson as a tribal nation. The signing of the law by the president made Ysleta Del Sur, their new land near El Paso, Texas, into a reservation where they still live today.

Like many Indian Tribes, the Tigua Indians make jewelry and other works of art for a living. Their jewelry is similar to the jewelry created by the Navajo Tribe of the southwestern states, and is popular for its incredible beauty and attention to detail. By combining beautiful pieces of turquoise, shell, glass beads and precious stones, along with genuine pieces of sterling silver, they create interesting works of art that exemplify the best of Native culture and hand crafted Native American jewelry. Purchasing a piece of Tigua jewelry gives you a true appreciation of their talent and a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Tigua Tribe. Traditional craftsmanship is what makes these pieces unique, and a great buy for jewelry lovers and collectors.

When shopping for Native jewelry, it is a good idea to shop wisely and not be deceived by cheap imitations. Buying original pieces, hand made by Native Indians, will guarantee the quality of your jewelry, and give you the satisfaction of knowing that your investment is an original. As you shop for American Indian jewelry, you will realize that it can be very expensive, as is most jewelry made by hand. Fortunately, with a little work, you can locate quality pieces at reasonable prices if you know where to look. Purchasing online is one of the best ways to come across great deals as well as a great variety of jewelry available.

Authentic Indian jewelry is a great gift for jewelry collectors and for those who are fascinated by American Indian history. From a wide selection of classic pieces like necklaces and bracelets, watches and rings, you won’t have trouble finding just the right gift for those on your list. No matter who you are buying for, remember that purchasing true pieces of American Indian jewelry is not only a fantastic choice in quality jewelry, but also a way to help the Native people. You will enjoy helping keep their traditions alive while owning fine pieces of American Indian jewelry.

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