Blackfeet Indians

Description and information about the history of the Blackfeet Indians.

Blackfeet Indians

The Blackfeet Indians are a tribal group that used to reside in the Northern part of America. Today, Blackfeet Indians are located throughout the United States, and in parts of Canada and Mexico. Native American culture is deeply rooted in America. As the nation's first family, Indians are a self-taught nation, and have accomplished much. Because of this country's diversity, a pure breed Blackfoot Indian is rare. Nonetheless, they do exist. In an attempt to uphold their family tradition and culture, several Indians have chosen life on the reservation. Reservations do not create isolation. Quite the contrary, many reservations in North America and Canada welcome tourists and include a variety of souvenir shops.

Many Blackfeet Indians were considered nomads. Rather than settle in one location, frequent moves were common. Constant migrating contributed to different groups spreading throughout America.

Ancestral Indians lived a primitive life. They built their own tents, killed buffalo for food and clothing, and taught their children at home. The Indians valued the importance of education. However, their curriculum differed from the ones used in American schools. Rather than spend a lot of time on mundane subjects such as math and science, the Blackfeet Indians taught their children skills that would facilitate their survival. These consisted of hunting, fishing, tent making, fighting, carpentry, pottery, etc.

Today, the Blackfeet Indian population is very small. The small-pox epidemic of the late 1890's killed a large number of Indians. Even so, this tribal group was widely known well into the 1900's. One-by-one, the Indians immersed into American life and culture and chose spouses of another race or nationality. For this reason, many people can trace their heritage to Indian roots, perhaps Blackfeet. Several members of this Indian tribe live on reservations throughout North America, wherein they can take pleasure in a quiet and simple life.

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