American Indian Movement

The American Indian Movement is a Native American organization established in the United States.

American Indian Movement

Due to the diversity in North America, Native American's or Indians are too often forgotten. In an attempt to bring attention to the injustice, and to provide better protection and care for the Indians, the American Indian Movement was established. Also referred to as AIM, this movement was launched in 1969 in Minneapolis, MN. Years ago, Indians received a lot of abuse from law enforcement officers, and crimes against Native Americans were often unreported. Disciplinary actions were rare, and many Indians and non-Indians felt compelled to campaign for changes.

Since its start in the late 1960's, the American Indian Movement has successfully changed America's perception of Native Americans. Today, there are several reservations, and Indians are eligible to receive government funds to built homes, schools, and maintain their community. This way, the Native Americans can raise their families in good conditions. Additionally, abuse and prejudice against the Indians has decreased.

There are also programs in place to help Native Americans immerse themselves in American culture. To boost the economy, small business grants are available to Native Americans, and many have take advantage of the opportunity.

Example of an Indian-owned business might include an online website that advertises authentic Indian artifacts such as pottery, clothing, moccasins, jewelry, and beadwork.

The American Indian Movement has actively objected to the use of Indians as mascots for sport's teams.

Occasionally, protesters are present at Washington Redskin and Atlanta Brave games. Even though the American political system has an organization responsible for equal treatment of Indians, AIM has accomplished more, and continues to work for the equal treatment of all Native Americans.

Within the past forty years, Native Americans enjoy better living conditions, increased employment options and on-the-job training, and improved educational system.

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